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From the New York Times this morning:

"In a sign that service industry workers continue to have a strong interest in unionizing after successful votes at Starbucks, REI and Amazon, employees at a Trader Joe’s in western Massachusetts have filed for a union election. If they win, they will create the only union at Trader Joe’s, which has more than 500 locations and 50,000 employees nationwide.

"The filing with the National Labor Relations Board late Tuesday seeks an election involving about 85 employees who would form an independent union, Trader Joe’s United, rather than affiliate with an established labor organization. That echoes the independent union created by Amazon workers on Staten Island and the worker-led organizing at Starbucks.

"'Over the past however many years, changes have been happening without our consent,' said Maeg Yosef, an 18-year employee of the store who is a leader of the union campaign. 'We wanted to be in charge of the whole process, to be our own union. So we decided to go independent.'

"Ms. Yosef said the union had support from over 50 percent of workers at the store, known as crew members.

"'We have always said we welcome a fair vote and are prepared to hold a vote if more than 30 percent of the crew wants one,' said a company spokeswoman, Nakia Rohde, alluding to the N.L.R.B. threshold for an election. 'We are not interested in delaying the process in any way'."