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•  From Axios:

Autonomous trucks developed by Gatik will soon be delivering paper plates and toilet tissue to Sam's Club stores throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area … It's a new frontier for self-driving truck technology, which has been primarily focused on long-haul semi-truck highway pilots.

"Gatik instead is targeting the so-called 'middle mile' between distribution warehouses and stores or fulfillment centers."

The story says that "in Dallas, each of Gatik's trucks will drive about 300 miles a day on a complex network of urban, suburban and highway routes.

"A backup safety driver will be on board, but CEO Gautam Narang tells Axios the company's narrow focus will allow it to go completely driverless more quickly than other trucking companies.

"'Instead of trying to boil the ocean' to solve autonomy for every scenario, 'we focus on repeatable routes, from distribution center to micro fulfillment center,' he said. 'This is how we envision growth over the long term'."