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During my conversation with Plastic Bank's David Katz, above, I reference a piece I read in the Tufts Observer, a student magazine at Tufts University.  Written by an impressive young writer named Meghan Smith, it essentially argues that the benchmarks traditionally used in a capitalist society may not be appropriate when grappling with climate change.

An excerpt:

"With calamity incoming, our existing solutions - modifying consumer behavior, trading carbon, and gradually transitioning to renewable energy - seem inadequate. If we want to solve the climate crisis, we have to target its root causes. Increasing evidence suggests that there are limits to what we can achieve in an economic system that is fundamentally structured around continued economic growth, increased consumption, commodification of the natural world, and extraction of profit. Climate change and ecological collapse are inextricably linked to the capitalist mode of production and the incentives which structure its outcomes."

It is provocative stuff … indicative of how many young people think and are able to challenge traditional models … and is worth reading here.

I cannot decide if I want Meghan Smith to be a professional writer or to find a career dealing with the climate crisis.  Maybe both?