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•  The New York Times reports that "the National Labor Relations Board is seeking to order Starbucks to recognize a union at a Buffalo-area store where the union lost an initial vote last year.

"The move is part of a larger effort by the board to scrutinize the coffee chain’s response to a nationwide union campaign. In an amended complaint against the company, the agency on Thursday accused Starbucks of intimidating and retaliating against workers who are seeking to unionize.

"The labor board’s attempt to order the company to bargain at a store where the union didn’t win is 'aggressive' but within the normal range of remedies for such cases, said Matthew Bodie, a former lawyer for the labor board who teaches law at St. Louis University. 'The complaint sends a message,' Mr. Bodie added."

The story notes that "workers have voted to unionize at more than 70 Starbucks stores since December, and they have filed petitions for union elections at more than 150 additional cafes. Starbucks owns and operates roughly 9,000 outlets in the United States."