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While in Texas during the past week, I had the chance to see the Texas Rangers play the Boston Red Sox at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas - the only major league baseball stadium where I had not attended a game.  (The Red Sox won 11-3, which I must admit pleased me enormously.)  The stadium experience, however, got me thinking about the act of replacing one facility with another - the current Globe Life Field opened in 2020, replacing the former home of the Rangers, which was opened in 1994 - and what businesses ought to be thinking about when they make such a move.  For one thing, the new building ought to offer a distinct improvement … and I'm not sure that Globe Life Field meets that standard.

One thing … back in 2016, I offered my ranking of all the major league ballparks … except for SunTrust Park, which was about to replace Turner Field in Atlanta.  I've been there since, and I'd rank it in about the same place as I put Turner Field (though I actually preferred Turner Field).

Also, because it was my list, and I can do whatever I want, I took three ballparks off the table for discussion - Fenway Park in Boston, Wrigley Field in Chicago, and Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles. These are the three oldest stadiums in the country, they are classics, and should not even be considered in the conversation.

You can check out my list here.