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Axios reports that "Uber is adding 'comfort electric' vehicles to the ride-hailing options on its app in some California cities, part of an ongoing effort to get drivers and customers to go electric … Uber Comfort Electric is available in San Francisco, San Diego and Los Angeles with more cities to come.

"Riders tap a button to request a ride in a premium EV like a Tesla, Polestar or Ford Mustang Mach-E.

"The Comfort Electric option is offered alongside Uber Green, where riders can already request hybrid and EV rides, as well as car-free options like bikes and scooters.

"Hailing a premium EV is more expensive, though."

The Axios story points out that this is part of a broader expansion of services by Uber:  "At many stadiums, you can now order food from the concession stands using Uber Eats so you don't have to miss any of the game standing in line … Uber Eats at Stadiums is currently available in LA at Dodger Stadium and Angel Stadium; in New York at Yankee Stadium; in Washington, D.C., at Capital One Arena; in Houston at Minute Maid Park; and in San Jose at PayPal Park … Inside the venue, customers can open the Uber Eats app and click on their general seat location (Main level, section 215 or gate 21B, for example) to be shown nearby ordering options.

"When the order is ready, they’ll be notified and can head to the pickup location, skipping the line."

KC's View:

Think of this as eliminating friction.  In the case of the stadium business, it is the friction of lines.  And in the case of Comfort Electric, it is ethical friction.