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Got several reactions to yesterday's FaceTime video about Chicken N Pickle,  a new fast casual forma that combines a strong food orientation with a sports bar vibe and lots of sports/entertainment options - including 11 pickleball courts. One MNB reader wrote:

I live in Kansas City and have become a Pickle Ball fan.  As you know, Chicken & Pickle started in Kansas City.

One of the interesting strategies the owners use is to participate in the community.  In your Texas visit, if you order a beverage and spent a few more coins you would get a green Chicken and Pickle plastic drinking cup.  These few more coins, a believe an extra $1, go to a local organization.  The benefitting organizations rotate.  Just a good value added strategy.

The owners also do several tournaments for both the novice and competitive levels with a local organization as a benefactor.

Been a fan of Morning News Beat for several years.   Thank you for what you and your team do.

The team and I thank you.

And, from MNB reader Gerry Lopez:

KC, this in indeed a fantastic concept!  I’ve not been to the one in Grand Prairie, but  have been (often) to the original (in north KC) and the 4th one (in Overland Park, KS)  - great idea & even better execution.  Full disclosure: the genius behind this is Dave Johnson, a born entrepreneur and good friend from my days in Kansas City.  He listens to his customers and pays close attention to his team’s insights.  Winning formula, as you know.  

I just want to thank the MNB readers who proved yesterday that I was right when, writing about the mass shooting in a Buffalo, New York, Tops store, I said:

If history is any indication, there will be thoughts and prayers, and then everybody will retreat to their philosophical corners, debating why this happens and whose fault it really is, and never finding a way to meet in the middle to address these issues with any sort of meaningful solution.  Thoughts and prayers, at this point, as far as I am concerned, have been proven damned ineffective in addressing the problem of way too many guns ending up in the hands of deeply disturbed people who ought to be labeled and treated as the domestic terrorists they are.

Well, to a great degree, that's what happened - people retreated to their philosophical corners.  (Not everybody.  I got some folks who agreed that thoughts and prayers are not enough.)  But some folks hit me with emails explaining in detail why it is the people on the other side of the political aisle who really are at fault.

I'm not going to run the emails.   This simply is not the place for this debate to take place.  Though I do hope and pray that maybe someday knee jerk reactions won't always be the first impulse.