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The Boston Globe reports that "employees at a Trader Joe’s store in Western Massachusetts are looking to become the first unionized location of the cult favorite grocery chain.

"A majority of workers at a Trader Joe’s in Hadley support forming an independent union under the name Trader Joe’s United, the union’s organizing committee said in a letter to company chief executive Dan Bane on Saturday. The committee called the union a 'necessary next step' and asked Bane to allow a union vote without interference."

“We’ve come to the conclusion that, in fact, a union is the only way to protect and improve our pay and benefits,” the letter states. “The company’s actions have made this clear.”

According to the story, "Trader Joe’s declined to comment at this time, instead forwarding a letter the company posted for crew members in the Hadley store that was written by the location’s captain, or manager.  The letter states that the company welcomes 'a fair vote if more than 30% of the Crew wants one,' and promises that Trader Joe’s will not delay the voting process 'in any way.'

"'I believe our store is a great place to work and our compensation, benefits and working conditions are the best in the grocery business,' the letter continued. 'But what really matters is what you believe. Whether or not to sign a petition to unionize or vote in favor of a union is your decision to make'."

KC's View:

It sounds as if Dan Bane has decided to avoid the lousy optics that have accompanied how Amazon and Starbucks have been dealing with unionization efforts.  Let's see if the Trader Joe's move gets the same kind of chain-wide traction that has happened at Starbucks.