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The Wall Street Journal reports that "US health regulators took steps to allow more foreign baby formula on American shelves, easing rules that had effectively prevented shipments from many overseas manufacturers.

"The Food and Drug Administration on Monday said it encouraged the overseas manufacturers to apply to ship their formula to the US.

"Government officials said the moves will allow more formula products to enter the U.S. baby market, which is dominated by Abbott Laboratories, Reckitt Benckiser Group, and Nestlé SA’s Gerber business."

At the same time, Axios reports, "Abbott Nutrition said Monday it has reached an agreement with the Food and Drug Administration to reopen its infant formula plant, paving the way for increased baby formula supply amid the ongoing shortage … Abbott said in a statement Monday that it can restart operating the site in two weeks. It will take another six to eight weeks before the baby formula can make its way onto shelves.

Abbott said that an investigation between the FDA, Abbott and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) found 'no conclusive evidence to link Abbott's formulas to these infant illnesses'."

The story notes that "the US has faced a massive baby formula shortage because of supply chain issues compounded by the closure of Abbott's facility in Sturgis, Michigan due to an FDA recall."