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H-E-B announced that it is expanding its H-E-B Wellness initiative into the Austin market, offering ""full service primary care for all individuals age 12 and up, operating in coordination with registered dietitians with a food first philosophy rooted in science. In addition to primary care, services will include physical therapy, health/nutrition coaching, clinical pharmacists, specialty referrals, and labs to create a coordinated approach to healthcare under one roof.   These clinics are staffed by board-certified physicians, nurses, and other licensed medical professionals. H-E-B plans on rapidly expanding throughout Texas with both Primary Care and Nutrition Services over the next few years. H-E-B Wellness– Caring for Texans the H-E-B way.

"The clinics provide high quality, patient centered care with affordable individual visit pricing and the option of monthly subscriptions, removing the frustration of surprise medical billing and enabling clinicians to focus on each patient, taking the time that is necessary to support them on their wellness journey.  Our clinics accept cash, credit, and Flexible Spending Account payments."

H-E-B's Wellness clinics already are operating in Houston and San Antonio.

KC's View:

I do love the way that H-E-B characterizes its Wellness clinics:

"Imagine a future where Texans have a health and wellness trusted partner to guide them along every step of their journey.  H-E-B Wellness strives to be that trusted partner. H-E-B Wellness Primary Care board-certified doctors will spend the time to better understand their patients and help them stay healthy or manage chronic illnesses by working with registered dietitians with a holistic, food-first philosophy.  Dietitians provide personalized consultations, virtual and in-store walks and friendly pharmacists are available to answer medication questions and have prescriptions filled when customers pick up their grocery order.  H-E-B has provided these services to their Partners and their families for many years and is now striving to be Texans’ one stop health and wellness destination."

It is the very definition of something that we've talked about a lot here on MNB over the years - being more than just a source of product for shoppers, but rather a resource that can transform their lives.