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•  TechCrunch reports that "Uber Eats is launching two autonomous delivery pilots in Los Angeles on Monday with Serve Robotics, a robotic sidewalk delivery startup, and Motional, an autonomous vehicle technology company.

"The new programs are a part of a range of new products Uber is launching across its ride-hail and delivery platforms."  The test "marks the first time Uber is partnering with an AV fleet provider, as well as the first time Motional is trying its hand at autonomous delivery … Uber told TechCrunch the company is looking at partnering with more than one player in the space, and that the public might start to see more partnerships in the future."

•  From The Verge:

"While you may buy a lot of stuff on Amazon, most people don’t do their weekly grocery shopping with the retail giant (unless Whole Foods is your local store). Amazon is therefore missing a big chunk of your shopping habits, and now, it's offering an incentive for you to hand over that data: grocery coupons.

"Alexa Shopping List Savings, which launched this month, is a new feature for the digital assistant that lets you clip coupons in the Alexa app for items you’ve added to your shopping list. The savings are added up, and the cashback is put on your digital Amazon gift card within a few days. The US-only service is now available to all customers and works exclusively with the Alexa app’s pre-installed shopping list."

The story goes on:

"While it wasn’t completely clear until recently that what you say to your smart speaker can be used by Amazon to serve ads to you, with this service, Amazon is more forthright. It states prominently on the Amazon Shopping List Savings page that data from any information you upload and the offers you activate 'may be shared with Amazon’s service providers'."