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•  The Associated Press reports that "Amazon has fired two employees with ties to the grassroots union that led the first successful US organizing effort in the retail giant’s history."

One of them, Michal Cusick, was fired because, Amazon says, he “failed to show up for work since an approved leave ended in late April, despite our team reaching out to him and even extending his leave.”  Cusick says that his original leave was scheduled to go until April 29, but when the company reduced it until April 26, it used the discrepancy as an excuse to fire him.

The other employee, Tristan Dutchin, was fired, Amazon says, for failing to live up to productivity goals.  Dutchin has not commented on his firing.

Amazon spokesperson Kelly Nantel tells the AP that "while we normally wouldn’t discuss personnel issues, we think it’s important to clear up some misinformation here."

Amazon also says that the "cases are unrelated to each other and unrelated to whether these individuals support any particular cause or group."

Is it just me, or does the Amazon explanation strain credibility just a little bit?  I'd expect a lawsuit to be filed any moment.