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A couple of quick comments from readers about stories that ran yesterday on MNB…

We had a piece about how LL Bean has announced that for the month of May, it is going off the grid, pausing all social media posting for the month and wiping clean its Instagram page.  The company says the move is way to reinforce its commitment to the outdoors and underline the fact that May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

One MNB reader observed:

I saw your LL Bean story. I am still getting emails from them. FYI.

So am I.

But LL Bean only said it was not going to post on social media, not that it was going to halt all digital communications.

I see nothing inconsistent here, and in fact think that what LL Bean is doing is perfectly on-brand.

Also got this response to my FaceTime piece about the Tartine's bakery in Santa Monica:

You didn't mention that Tartine is located in the former Gates-Kingsly-Gates mortuary.

I didn't know that.

But it certainly explains the killer egg sandwich…