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•  National Public Radio (NPR)  filed a story about how "employees at an Apple store in suburban Maryland have begun unionizing, organizers announced Tuesday. They join two other retail stores in their unionization efforts within the tech company.

Retail employees at Towson Mall in Towson, Md., have formed CORE, the Coalition of Organized Retail Employees. They sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook saying the majority of employees at the store support forming a union.

"'We are on the frontlines of the Apple experience,' employees said. 'As the face of Apple, we have the responsibility of showing up every day to do the best work of our lives.'

"In the letter, the retail employees ask Cook not to engage in union-busting tactics.  'This is something we do not [do] to go against or create conflict within our management,' the letter said. 'Rather, we have come together as a union because of a deep love of our role as workers within the company and out of care for the company itself'."