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Food & Wine has a story about how delivery service DoorDash, which is operating a ghost kitchen facility in Brooklyn, New York, has expanded the concept to include seating for people who want to eat on the premises.

According to the story, "The company stresses that this new food hall is still very much delivery-centric — so don't expect Michelin-starred service — but 20 people can eat in at a time."

Ruth Isenstadt, senior director of DoorDash Kitchens, says that "the dine-in option was intended to further help the brands working out of the ghost kitchen."

KC's View:

There are few better ways to gauge how people feel about the food you're selling than to  see the looks on their faces and the alacrity with which they attack their meals.  This is a very smart move … along the lines of operating a dark store that actually allows customers to do their shopping there.  It keeps things real and connected, not remote, and creates valuable insights.