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The original Stew Leonard's store in Norwalk, Connecticut, has been through countless renovations over the years, which has added to the maze-like single-direction aisle format that adds to the treasure-hunt like atmosphere in the store.

This summer, however, the retailer will embark on a far grander renovation - one that has been planned for some time, though it also comes as Wegmans has announced its intention to open its first Connecticut store just a few miles away.  The big renovation also comes as Stew Leonard's has been opening newer units in New Jersey and on Long Island, which in some ways put the age of the oldest store in sharp relief.

While the project isn't scheduled for another month or so, Stew Leonard's has posted a video on YouTube that hints at what is planned:

KC's View:

As a regular shopper in that store, I'm fairly certain that parking is likely to be a nightmare once construction begins.  But they're smart - Stew Leonard's best as they can, is bringing us into the process, which tends to lower the temperature when logistics inevitably get dicey.