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Inc. reports that Amazon appears to be trying to build up its credibility as being supportive of small businesses - as opposed to be=ing a destroyer of same - by testing the addition of a "small business" badge to some products on its site.

The badge is designed to identify for shoppers the third-party sellers that Amazon would define as a small business.

While Amazon maintains that "products from small and medium-sized businesses account for more than half of everything sold in Amazon's store," the retailer says that "customers often don't realize they're supporting one of nearly two million independent businesses when shopping on Amazon."

Inc. writes that "for now, it's just a test, meaning Amazon might change its mind altogether. Or, you might see badges on different items at different times. Right now, Amazon is deciding which items to show the badge, and small businesses can't request it be added. Amazon does say it plans to add additional discoverability features in the future. Like, for example, the ability to search specifically for those sellers."

KC's View:

Very smart, and overdue.

I've always wondered why Amazon doesn't make it easier for shoppers to use various characteristics to sift through its massive SKU count.  (We know it is possible.  Sifter does it.)

Amazon could do this in so many ways.  Some could be diet and health related.  It could sift by country of origin.  (An easy way to find products made in the USA?)

Sifting by business size could be just the beginning.