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•  Just as a matter of interest … the New York Times yesterday announced Joseph F. Kahn - a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who has been serving as the paper's managing editor - will be the new executive editor of the Times, succeeding the retiring Dean Baquet.

Here was an interesting note his biography in the Times:  "Mr. Kahn grew up outside Boston, the eldest child of the entrepreneur Leo Kahn, a retailing pioneer who started supermarket chains in the Northeast and was a founder of Staples, the chain of office-supply superstores. Leo Kahn earned a journalism degree from Columbia University and worked briefly as a reporter before his success in business, and he often dissected newspaper coverage with his son."

Leo Kahn's Times obit in 2011 noted that Kahn started "two chains of health food stores, Fresh Fields and Nation’s Heartland, which combined sharp attention to the demands of fitness-conscious consumers with price-conscious marketing … The bet paid off: Whole Foods bought both chains in the 1990s at a hefty profit for Mr. Kahn."