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Forbes has a story about how Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba "now operates more than 200 Freshippo supermarkets across China, which all act as super high-tech supermarkets and online fulfillment centers. The speed and efficiency is second to none – all online orders within a 3km radius arrive within 30 minutes of a shopper completing their purchase."

According to the story, "This foray into bricks and mortar grocery shopping from China’s largest e-commerce retailer presents a state-of-the art, seamless 'phygital' retail experience."

Guo Xulin, chief of staff at Alibaba’s Freshippo Business Group, tells Forbes that "our vision for the future of retail was never digital versus physical, but to build the future infrastructure of commerce, one that seamlessly integrates online and offline."

KC's View:

'Phygital' Retail?  I love it.  30-minute delivery?  I love that even more.

Again, this is yet another example of how retailers are innovating in ways that use technology to create customer-centric models that eliminate friction from the shopping experience.