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•  Tesco reportedly is on track to open its own version of the Amazon Go store - a checkout-free unit that will allow people to simply pick up products off the shelves and depart the store, with a receipt landing in their email boxes shortly thereafter.

However, while the retailer is saying it close to opening the store, it will not say where or when, various UK news reports say.

•  Business Insider reports that more than 41,000 people have signed a set of petitions arguing that when Jeff Bezos goes into space next month - he will be a passenger when his Blue Origin spaceship carries humans for the first time - he should not be allowed back on the planet.

The petitions say things like "billionaires should not exist...on earth, or in space, but should they decide the latter they should stay there," and that Bezos is "an evil overlord hellbent on global domination."

I know Amazon won't do this, but there's a part of me that thinks it ought to comb through the petitions, take note of all the names, and then cancel their Amazon prime memberships.   Or, on second thought, maybe it ought to embrace the you-can-catch-more-flies-with-honey approach, and give all 41,000+ people free Prime membership for an extended period.