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Axios reports that the US Senate has confirmed 69-28 the appointment of Lina Khan - an avowed big tech critic who once wrote an article for the Yale Law Journal titled "Amazon's Antitrust Paradox," - to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), where she will serve as the chair.

The story says that "Khan, an antitrust expert well-known for her ideas for applying competition law to the tech industry, is sure to spook tech platforms."  Axios writes that Khan "is a hero to critics of tech who want to see the government act more aggressively against what they see as anti-competitive behavior from companies like Amazon, Google, Apple and Facebook."

The Yale article argued that "Amazon's retail business should be separated from its selling platform."

KC's View:

The legal and political climate in which big tech companies find themselves is becoming increasingly problematic, though it remains to be seen whether the hostility can be translated into legislation.

If it gets any worse, when Jeff Bezos takes his trip into space next month, he may want to keep going…