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Digital marketing agency Adtaxi is out with a new survey saying that "more than half of respondents (54%) report the pandemic has permanently changed how they shop.''

In addition, the survey concludes, "after the pandemic, 63% will prioritize shopping at small and local businesses. This follows 74% of respondents who said they planned to shop small and local for the holiday season."

The survey also says that "a resounding majority of online shoppers - 73% - prefer when the cost of shipping is rolled into the price of a product, rather than charged as a separate fee at checkout … 96% of online shoppers report free shipping is important to them. 93% say the same for a no-cost return policy, while 74% say loyalty rewards are important and 70% rank same or next-day delivery as important."

And, a cautionary note about privacy issues:  "Though 45% of respondents say they generally give permission when apps or websites ask to collect their data, 60% believe that companies are not working hard to protect this personal information and 72% regard companies’ online data privacy disclosures as purposefully misleading … 44% of all respondents report their online experience is better because apps and websites collect their personal information. 49% disagree – and 7% were unaware their data was being collected in the first place."