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Guiding Stars, which 15 years ago started offering objective at-shelf nutrition guidance to consumers by ranking qualified products as good, better or best, said yesterday that it is giving its graphic look a refresh.

“As we’re emerging from the pandemic, consumers are more interested in health and nutrition then ever as they care for themselves and their families and manage health conditions, as well as look to boost their immune systems,” said Julie Greene, director of Guiding Stars. “As the focus on healthy eating intensifies and Guiding Stars nears our fifteenth anniversary, it was the right time to freshen our approach and make it even easier for consumers to make good choices.”

The new graphic ingredients, the company says, "come together to demonstrate a positive approach to communicating nutrition guidance, which is reinforced by the gold star. In consumer testing, the new mark was widely understood as a guide for nutritious foods … The new look-and-feel is now integrated into the Guiding Stars website, which also offers insights and tips on food and nutrition. Consumers will begin to see the new branding on product packaging, in stores and on online shopping platforms for subscribing grocers and other clients beginning this summer."

KC's View:

From the beginning, I've always been a fan of the simplicity offered by Guiding Stars.  After 15 years, it probably makes sense to freshen things up a bit.