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Kroger said yesterday that it will hold its "first nationwide hybrid hiring event, including virtual and in-store interviews … on Thursday, June 10. The goal of the event is to hire 10,000 associates supporting retail, e-commerce, pharmacy, manufacturing, and logistics operations."

“We are truly driven to be the best employer in America and one of the best places to work, no matter your skillset, role, or ambitions,” says Tim Massa, Kroger’s senior vice president and chief people officer, in a prepared statement. “We want to meet our associates where they are and provide them with tools and pathways to grow as individuals and with our organization because the jobs of the future will grow and evolve just like our business. Today’s growth-minded associates will deliver tomorrow’s solutions for our customers.”

KC's View:

I wish Kroger good luck.  They may need to hire 10,000 people, but that may not be the same thing as actually hiring 10,000 people.  Considering the number of unfilled jobs out there at the moment, this could be problematic.