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•. Sprouts Farmers Market announced that it has opened a new produce warehouse in Orlando, Florida - its first in the state and seventh overall - that it said will serve the 23 stores it currently operates there and the 10 new units it plans to open there during the coming year.

• Eater Los Angeles reports that Alice Waters, the legendary chef-restaurateur responsible for Berkeley's iconic Chez Panisse, is opening a new restaurant in Los Angeles - her first new venture in decades.

"While Waters’ new restaurant does not yet have a name, Eater has confirmed that it will land at the Hammer Museum, part of UCLA’s sprawling campus in the Westwood neighborhood," the story says, adding that "in true Waters fashion, reps for the Hammer say, the restaurant will 'highlight wholesome foods sourced from local farms dedicated to responsible and regenerative farming practices'."

The story notes that this "all sounds like something right up Waters’ alley. Her restaurant Chez Panisse has been held up for half a century as a bastion of sourcing, quality, and California bounty, relying on hyper-seasonal produce and a 'less is more approach' to its menu. Chez Panisse, and Waters, are often held as pinnacles of the so-called Slow Food movement that prizes local food cultures and seasonal ingredients above all."