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I screened the third and final season of "The Kominsky Method" on Netflix this week, and while the new six episodes reflect a kind of thematic turn from the first two seasons, it continues to feature sharp writing, excellent performances, and the welcome return of a too-little-seen actress who was one of film's bigger stars during the 1980s.

"The Kominsky Method" started off as a kind of Odd Couple-style comedy featuring Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky, an aging acting coach too long out of the Hollywood spotlight, and Alan Arkin as Norman Newlander, his longtime friend and agent.  For two seasons, the two men navigated aging prostates, failed relationships, the death of Norman's wife, and assorted professional and personal challenges - but the main attraction was the witty dialogue crafted for the two by writer Chuck Lorre ("Two and a Half Men," "Mom").  Douglas and Arkin were terrific in their roles, but then again, they always are.

Arkin has left the series, and they've killed off Norman … but in some ways, the departure sets up a final season and is a little more gentle, and a little more wistful about the nature of opportunity and failure.  Joining the cast at one of Sandy's ex-wives is Kathleen Turner - Douglas's co-star in Romancing The Stone, Jewel of the Nile, and War of the Roses, as well as the star of huge eighties hits like Body Heat and Prizzi's Honor - and she's back in all her husky-voiced, tart-tongued glory … totally seeing through Sandy's B.S. and able to cut through it all like a hot knife goes through butter.

There are just six episodes in this final season, and while the series does veer into sentimentality from time to time, there is something about watching these old war horses on screen that I found enormously touching.  In other time, they were two of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but now they're face to face with a new and sobering reality as, in the words of the song, time goes by.

Terrific stuff … and special kudos to Paul Reiser, unrecognizable but very funny in a supporting role.

We're just three weeks away from the seventh and final season of "Bosch," the superb series based on the iconic Michael Connelly novels, dropping on Amazon Prime Video.  MNB readers know what a big fan I am … here's the trailer that was posted yesterday.

That's it for this week.

I hope you have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday.

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