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"Last Week Tonight" was off this week, but host John Oliver did a special web version that focused on the cereal industry … and how he's a little frustrated by a lack of innovation.

You can watch it below … but be warned, like most John Oliver material,  it is definItely NSFW:

KC's View:

On the other hand, maybe John Oliver got it wrong.  (And I rarely say that.)

Guilty Eats has a story about how "Kellogg’s seems to have made the connection between college students and cereal … because they’re now bringing cereal vending machines to two college campuses. The University of Wisconsin-Madison and Florida State University will be the first to get this new vending machine called the Bowl Bot."

The story goes on:  "Inside the machine are 22 different ingredients you can choose from including a ton of Kellogg’s cereal, milk, greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, and seeds. There are also special menu items that combine different cereals together.

"The first special menu item is About Last Night which consists of Frosted Flakes, Froot Loops, Kellogg’s Krave, chocolate drops, banana chips, and espresso syrup. If this doesn’t wake you up, nothing will."

Think of this as Kellogg's cereal-centric version of the Coca-Cola Freestyle vending machine, which allows you to customize your own soft drink flavor.

Not sure if this will live up to John Oliver's definition of innovation.  But there's at least a decent shot that he'll mention the Bowl Bot on a future program … though there likely will be expletives involved.