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Responding to yesterday's piece about Phil Mickelson winning the 2021 PGA Championship, making him, at age 50, the oldest player ever to win a major championship, one MNB reader wrote:

What was more striking to me with regards to the PGA Championship other than the victor was that you couldn't find a face covering in the crowd if you tried.  I guess that they were only "recommended" meant that no one was concerned or considering others?

This is from the PGA website:   

Face coverings will be recommended outdoors for all spectators and volunteers (ages 2 and up). Face coverings will be required indoors and on shuttle buses. The PGA Shops and all hospitality venues on-site are considered outdoors. Please bring your own face coverings. 

I noticed the same thing, too, especially in the crowds at the end … but I decided not to say anything because I know I'm wearing some folks out with all my commentary about masks and vaccines.  I figured that I'd let this one go.

But thanks for making the point.  I haven't seen anything pointing out that people had to be vaccinated to get on the course or be allowed to not wear a mask … and I worry that this sort of complacency will undo all the good that has been done.

We took note yesterday of a Seattle Times report that while it may not exactly be cooking the books, Amazon has been able to make its management diversity numbers look better by broadening the number of people it counts as management.

One MNB reader responded:

This story reminds me a bit of a company I used to work for.  One year it was announced that there would be no raises.  To keep this promise, they simply promoted or gave new titles to the “favored” executives.  Of course, with the new title, there was a new, increased, salary.  Technically, the company was still true to their word, but most of us could see the hypocrisy of what was happening.

From another reader:

When Amazon reclassified what they call executives, their far greater % jump in diversity than other large companies, shows that they actually have been doing a good job in providing opportunity for all peoples.  Hiring from within and training up through the system.  Plus, I have a really hard time swallowing the rhetoric that Amazon picks their executives based on race or gender.  I think they have a much higher weight on qualifications for the job.

On another subject, from an MNB reader:

7-Eleven teaming up with Instacart?  Not a good move for 7-Eleven - its entire business model is based on getting people into the stores to comb through high profit, impulse items.  To take that away is not a good thing.

Regarding fax machine usage, one MNB reader wrote:

Hey KC, one thing about faxes I learned recently while dealing with the HR dept at my employer, a national grocery retailer.  They had asked me to have my doctor fax a note saying I was under his care, could return to work, etc.

My doctor's office said they had sent it - twice actually. HR said they never received it.

So I say maybe it got lost in a pile of other faxes in the office. HR says that's impossible, as they receive all faxes electronically now!

We learn something every day, though they never did find that fax!

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And finally, from another reader:

Those Dylan clips were phenomenal. Especially "Shelter From the Storm."  Classic. Thank you.

My pleasure.

One of my favorite albums - it is in the regular rotation, especially when the top is down, the road is long, and the sun is shining - is the live "Before The Flood" album, with Dylan and The Band.

Here's another favorite of mine (though not from the album), just because one can never get too much Dylan: