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Glossy reports that CVS Health has established a new partnership with Nyma Tang, "a self-described influencer and ‘beauty advocate,’" who will work with the retailer "to enhance diversity in beauty aisles and in marketing. She will also conduct monthly workshops with CVS team members to educate around and further discuss diversity initiatives. Finally, Tang, being a top-tier influencer (she has over 1.5 million followers across YouTube and Instagram) with endless access to products, will also advise CVS on its assortment."

The move positions Tang "as the retailer’s first-ever Beauty Inclusivity Consultant.  The role puts Tang in a unique position and speaks loudly to the shifts in power that have changed the beauty industry in recent years."

KC's View:

Smart move by CVS to identify a way to broaden its appeal and bring in someone who can both make it smarter and communicate that message to shoppers.