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In the UK, The Grocer reports that Tesco plans to "scrap" its Tesco Metro format differentiation, turning 89 of them into Tesco Express stores and 58 of them into superstores.

The decision comes two years after the company began an internal initiative to determine the future of the brand, which was launched in 1994.

According to the story, "Having originally been launched as a town centre location that could handle passing trade as well as weekly shops, Tesco’s own research shows nearly 70% of its Metros are now being used for top-up shops and food to go, with less than a third (31%) typically being used for main shops."

KC's View:

I remember seeing my first Tesco Metro store back in the nineties, and being impressed by its unique positioning in between the Express and superstore formats.  But the world has shifted, consumer shopping behavior has evolved, and it simply makes sense for banners to reflect external realities and not just internal priorities.