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GeekWire reports that Amazon is renaming its Amazon Go Grocery stores as Amazon Fresh stores, simplifying to some degree its range of bricks-and-mortar offerings.

The name change does not seem to affect the fleet of small-format Amazon Go stores.

The story notes that "Amazon made it a little confusing to track its various new grocery options — Amazon Go, Amazon Go Grocery, Amazon Fresh grocery stores, Amazon Fresh delivery, Whole Foods delivery, Prime Now delivery, etc.  This simplifies the array of offerings a bit.

Amazon Go Grocery was designed to be a larger version of the Amazon Go format, with checkout-free technology.  There are just two - one in Redmond, Washington, and the other in Seattle.  The Redmond location now is being closed.

GeekWire writes that Amazon "has been rolling out full-size Amazon Fresh grocery stores that feature smart grocery carts and Amazon Echo devices that help shoppers navigate aisles. The company next month will transition employees from the Redmond Amazon Go Grocery location to the new Amazon Fresh store opening in the Factoria neighborhood in Bellevue, Wash .— one of two Amazon Fresh locations in the Seattle area."

KC's View:

This is a Shakespearean move, as in…

“What's in a name? that which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Amazon is right.  There were a lot of names, and maybe some confusion … though there aren't a lot of places where they overlapped, so consumers probably didn't care much.

But if this creates greater focus, that's probably a good thing.  This move also could reflect a feeling at Amazon that they've identified the main priority going forward - Amazon Fresh - and are planning a major rollout.