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The New York Post reports that Amazon plans to open an Amazon Fresh grocery store in the second of two former Fairway locations in New Jersey that it bought out of bankruptcy.

The two stores are in Woodland Park and Paramus.  The Woodland Park location's conversion to an Amazon Fresh was confirmed by the company late last year, and now the Post reports that the Paramus store will get the same treatment.

The Post writes that "Amazon may be looking to scoop up some more Fairway locations to expand Amazon Fresh’s footprint in the Northeast. Only seven of Fairway’s 14 stores were sold at last year’s bankruptcy auction, including the two that went to Amazon. Village Supermarket, which operates Shoprite stores, acquired at least four of those locations as well as rights to the Fairway brand."

KC's View:

My sense of the Fairway stores is that they probably are a little larger than ideal for the Amazon Fresh format … but that means that there could be plenty of space in which Amazon could operate some version of a micro fulfillment center that could effectively integrate its bricks-and-mortar and online operations.  You'd think this would be the sweet spot that Amazon is aiming for.

There's a Stamford, Connecticut, Fairway store that's been closed for some time, and that, best I can tell, hasn't been picked up by any other retailer.  It doesn't seem like a big stretch to think that this also could be on Amazon's wish list.