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Axios reports that "new rankings from the Axios/Harris 100 poll — an annual survey to gauge the reputation of the most visible brands in the country — show that brands with clear partisan identifications are becoming more popular."

The survey suggests that Patagonia - which has been aggressive in its promotion of environmental causes in ways that have veered into the political - is the top brand in America.

But it isn't just companies with liberal positions that have benefitted.  Companies like Chick-fil-A, Hobby Lobby and Goya either moved up on the list or appeared on it for the first time.  (Awareness doesn't always translate into trust, though:  MyPillow has high awareness, but a negative reputation, the survey showed.)

The story also notes that "this year's reputation rankings reflect a return to normalcy in the business world. While many of the most polarizing companies are doing better than last year, they aren't necessarily the most visible companies.

"The most visible companies are blue-chip brands that consumers relied on heavily throughout the pandemic, such as Amazon and Walmart, Apple, Facebook, Google, Target, Microsoft, Wells Fargo, Nike and McDonald’s."

KC's View:

I'm a big Patagonia fan, but I have little trouble with the conclusion that it is the top brand in America.  But maybe I underestimate the degree to which its profile and reputation have been raised in recent years.