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MNB reader Tom Murphy had a reaction to our Walmart vs. Amazon piece:

Reading this article reminds me of a movie I first saw when I was 13 or so, King Kong vs. Godzilla!  It that movie, these two giants are fighting over the city of Tokyo and all of Japan.  As they rumble, there is lots of collateral damage to buildings, vehicle and citizens.  This is what I see in Walmart vs. Amazon…the city is the retail industry and the collateral damage is the retail completion.  The only way you can survive in this fight is to be part of it!

Another reaction, from MNB reader Steven Ritchey:

I've already written about my experiences of WM vs. Amazon, how WM left my groceries directly in front of the door, both times I ordered from them.

When the pandemic first started my brother and his wife were trying several different delivery services for grocery shopping since he has some health issues that kept him from going to stores period.

She ordered some groceries from WM, included was a box of hair color.  The hair color shipped, but all the individual  pieces were removed from the box and scattered around the box the order shipped in.

She ordered a printer ink cartridge, they shipped her a full case of them, while charging for one cartridge.  She tried to return the cartridge, but they had no means to handle returns on orders from the fulfillment center.  There's websites devoted to this issue, they have stories of people ordering an iPad and getting a master case of 12 of them, or the same with laptop computers.  I don't know if they've fixed this or if it  is still going on, but it's not hard to see some huge losses happening if this happens on a large scale.

My brother loves a specific kind of Ocean Spray juice that can be hard to find.  They order it from WM, it only ships in a full case.

I personally think for WM to catch up with Amazon, they need to fix a number of things such as employee training, shipping problems and making the process more customer friendly.

I do a good bit of shopping with Amazon and so far have not had any of these issues.  In fact I've got a box on my front porch now.

Got another email from an MNB reader about the FDA approving vaccinations for young people:

Amazing ... Florida and Texas are examples where schools are open and functioning. Can’t help if other states are believing the fear mongering being projected. Now they want to vaccinate children when there in absolutely no science to suggest it necessary??

I think actual scientists might disagree with the "no science" assertion.