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The BBC reports that sandwich chain Pet a Manger, which earlier this year announced it would start selling packaged versions of its popular fresh items in Tesco stores in the UK, now is going one step further, opening actual sandwich ships inside four Tesco stores.

If the test works, expect more Pret shops to be opened inside other Tesco units.

The story notes that Pret a Manger has had a tough pandemic, with the center city locations where it primarily operated having been largely shut down as a reaction to Covid.  "With more companies switching to hybrid working, chains such as Pret have been forced to respond," the BBC reports, with the chain saying, "We're transforming our business model to adjust to a new way of living and working."

KC's View:

I still think that a logical next step may be to make Pret locations in city centers collection points for Tesco orders placed online.