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From the Boston Globe this morning:

"It can take a big push to make a drastic change. And when it comes to people’s work lives, there has been perhaps no greater disruptor than the COVID-19 pandemic. Many got laid off, or were suddenly allowed to do their jobs from anywhere. Some got sick, while countless others worried about their safety.

"However they got there, the global health crisis has caused people to take stock of their careers - and then take a leap they might not have had the freedom, or courage, to make otherwise."

According to the story, experts say that "the number of people considering a professional change appears to be at an all-time high … and more movement is expected as vaccinations increase and employers start calling people back to the office.

"In this liminal moment before our post-pandemic lives begin, many people are reevaluating what they’re doing with their lives. Driving it all is a nightmarish pandemic that has made people realize life is short — so why not get a better job now?

"Career experts say they are seeing stirrings from people of all ages, from twenty-somethings rethinking their career paths to baby boomers starting their own consulting firms."

KC's View:

It is a really interesting story, and it once again brings us back to a word that was used a lot during the early days of the pandemic - essential.

People want to feel essential in what they do.  People want to know that their employers view them as essential.  And I think it is incumbent on retailers to consistently communicate this to their workers - they are not just stocking shelves or running checkouts, but are actively involved in the sacred mission of helping people feed themselves better and smarter.  You can't just tell them to feel that way;  you have to treat them differently and pay them differently and empower them differently.

The stirrings described in the Globe piece can't just be happening among workers.  Some level of consciousness raising has to happen among employers, as well.