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by Kevin Coupe

It is the kind of story that'll warm your heart.

It starts with Noah Bryant, a four-year-old boy from Brooklyn, New York, who went on his mom's computer, found his way to Amazon, and bought $2,618.85 worth of Sponge Bob popsicles.  (That's 51 cases.)

Which sounds funny.  Except that his mom, Jennifer Bryant, apparently is the mother of three, a student at New York University studying social work, can't afford it.  And Amazon wouldn't allow her to return them.

That's where a friend stepped in.  Katie Schloss - who is a social work intern (and, if you check out her LinkedIn page, quite the impressive young woman) - put up a GoFundMe page drawing attention to Bryant's dilemma, hoping to raise the $2,619 needed to pay the Amazon bill.

As of this morning, just shy of 200 people have contributed close to $6,000.

In a note on the GoFundMe page, Jennifer Bryant notes that the extra money will be used to help pay for Noah's education; she says that he is on the autism spectrum , which creates additional expenses.

It is an Eye-Opening story about people stepping up to do the nice thing, though I do think that there are two things that need to happen now.

First, Amazon could step up and forgive the debt.  It can afford it.  (Jeff Bezos is aid to be building what is called a "luxury mega-yacht," plus a smaller "support yacht.")  Helping out this woman would be a good look.

Second, Jennifer Bryant has to change the passwords on her computer.