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Dark Daily, which describes itself as a newsletter "serving clinical labs and pathology groups," reported yesterday that Walmart "plans to install 4,000 primary care 'supercenters' in stores by 2029 that will include clinical laboratory testing services. This is on top of the dozens of Walmart Health locations already in operation in Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Illinois, and Texas."

It is expected that these healthcare supercenters would include "an expanded menu of clinical laboratory testing services - along with the EKGs, vision care, dental care, and more - that Walmart Health locations currently provide for children and adults."

KC's View:

There have been a number of traditional retail companies investing in healthcare services in recent years, including CVS, Walgreen and Rite Aid, as they seek - to varying degrees - to become players in the larger healthcare business.

But the Walmart plans, if realized to any degree, would ratchet up the competition in a way that would seem to be highly consumer-centric and potentially create new paradigms in a space that many see as a major battleground in both the near-term and long-term.