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The Washington Post this morning reports that the nation is in the middle of a chicken shortage - and not just the wing shortage that many were anticipating.

It seems, the Post writes, that "the poultry paucity has arrived, heralded by a series of fast-food executives describing in earnings calls their stores’ struggles to stock enough chicken - nuggets, tenders, wings, patties, all shapes and sizes - to keep pace with legions of peckish Americans."

Some context:

"Chicken has for years been the most popular meat in the United States and experts and analysts have cited several reasons for the current deficit. Some are related to the coronavirus — pandemic-spurred disruptions in the market and supply chain and an increased demand for a comfort food that is takeout- or delivery-friendly. Others, industry watchers say, include increased competition, volatile feed prices and even the deadly winter storms that swept over the South in February, halting the work of chicken processors."

The Post writes that "one industry official in North Carolina predicted the crunch would get more acute as the weather warms and more Americans begin grilling regularly."  That official also said that "what we need is a four-winged chicken."

KC's View:

Would this be a cluster-cluck?