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The San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Second District Court of Appeal in Los Angeles has ruled that Amazon "may be sued for injuries caused by defects in products sold on its website … since the tech giant controls much of the sales process and can pressure manufacturers to make their products safer."

The ruling concluded that since "Amazon advertises the products, controls all communications with customers, charges a fee for each sale — 15% on toys such as skating hoverboards — imposes price limits and insurance requirements," not to mention guaranteeing the products it sells," the company should be held liable when they are defective.

The Chronicle writes that "California law already makes companies 'strictly liable' for injuries caused by defective products they make or sell, allowing victims to sue for damages without having to prove the manufacturer or retailer was negligent."  The court said "the same standard applies to a company that is a 'direct link' between buyers and sellers."

Amazon has not said whether it plans to appeal the ruling.