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Content Guy’s Note: Stories in this section are, in my estimation, important and relevant to business. However, they are relegated to this slot because some MNB readers have made clear that they prefer a politics-free MNB; I can't do that because sometimes the news calls out for coverage and commentary, but at least I can make it easy for folks to skip it if they so desire.

•  Politico writes that US Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack yesterday put to bed rumors that the federal government wants "to stop Americans from eating burgers and steaks as part of his plans to combat climate change."

The Vilsack comments were prompted by reports over the weekend that the federal government's "recent pledge to curb greenhouse gas emissions included a proposal to cut red meat consumption by 90 percent and limit Americans to about four pounds per year."

Vilsack said during a virtual briefing hosted by the North American Agricultural Journalists that "there is no effort designed to limit people’s intake of beef coming out of President Biden’s White House or USDA … Sometimes in the political world, games get played and issues are injected into the conversation knowing full well that there’s no factual basis."