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Albertsons has announced its commitment "to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and will set an emissions reduction target that supports the goals of the United Nations’ Paris Agreement to reduce carbon emissions" and aligns "with standards that are designed to ensure a better future and to prevent the worst impacts of climate change."

Vivek Sankaran, president-CEO of Albertsons, said that "the SBTi framework will guide us in doing our part to minimize our impact within our own operations and beyond. We look forward to working with our supply chain partners to address this important issue.”

According to the announcement, Albertsons "will evaluate energy use and procurement, refrigerants, transportation, and its supply chain to submit an emissions reduction goal to SBTi for approval. The Science Based Targets initiative is a partnership between CDP, UN Global Compact, WRI, and WWF that helps companies take meaningful climate action through its science-based framework. The framework requires all emissions reduction goals to support the Paris Agreement’s objective to limit global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels."

KC's View:

More evidence that a number of companies and business leaders - attuned to climate and sustainability issues because they understand that they are directly related to long-term costs and profitability - sometimes take this stuff a lot more seriously than some politicians.

This issue always makes me think of the George Bernard Shaw quote that often was cited by Bobby Kennedy:  "You see things; and you say 'Why?' But I dream things that never were; and I say 'Why not?'"

There's reality.  And then, there's denial.