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•  Variety reports that Netflix plans to spend more than $17 billion on content during 2021, up from $11.8 billion last year.  The 2020 number actually was a drop from the $13.9 billion spent in 2019, owing to production delays caused by the pandemic.

The number raises the stakes on Netflix's biggest streaming competitor, Amazon - which the other day said that spent $11 billion on TV series, movies and music for its Prime services last year, an increase of 41% from $7.8 billion in 2019.

Variety also writes that "Netflix’s subscriber growth cooled in the first quarter of 2021 after record pandemic-fueled gains last year: The streamer added about 2 million fewer customers than it previously expected.  For Q1, the company reported a gain of 3.98 million in net global streaming subscribers. That was below its previous guidance of 6 million. Meanwhile, Netflix predicted even lower gains for the current quarter — it expects to add just 1 million members in Q2, with roughly zero growth in the U.S./Canada and Latin America regions. As of the end of March, Netflix had 207.4 million paid streaming customers worldwide, up 13.6%."