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by Kevin Coupe

Think of it as Go - to go.

Amazon had said that it was going to license out its just-walk-out technology, which it pioneered in its Amazon Go stores, to other retailers … and now, the concept seems about to take flight.  In an airport.

Future Travel Experience reports that there is a new Hudson Nonstop store operating at Dallas Love Field Airport, utilizing the technology to allow travelers "to seamlessly enter the Hudson Nonstop store with a swipe of their credit card or using 'Tap to Pay,' take the products they’re looking for, and then walk out of the store. The store merchandising layout provides visibility to essential products needed for the travel journey."

"The opening of our first Hudson Nonstop store is a significant milestone in delivering on Hudson’s vision for accelerated digital innovation in-store and overall digital transformation across the business,” says Brian Quinn, Hudson's executive vice president/COO.  "Hudson Nonstop represents a new way of retailing that emulates an end-to-end digital shopping experience which we believe is the future of retail, even after COVID-19 – we look forward to serving travellers in this exciting new store concept for years to come."

The story goes on:  "Hudson’s branding is reflected throughout the DAL store’s design and expansive product offering. The freestanding store design and designated single point of entry and exit allows travellers to easily navigate the store. Acknowledging the need for social distancing protocols in the COVID-19 environment, the store is designed for one-way traffic and eliminates checkout-line friction to manage crowd control."

Amazon's involvement in the technology is made clear in the branding as you can see from the pictures below, which were taken a couple of days ago by friend-of-MNB Patrick Spear, president/CEO) of GMDC/Retail Tomorrow.

It's just the beginning, I'm guessing.   And a potential Eye-Opener about a technology that I've long felt could end up being as important to retailing as scanning.