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Dollar Tree last week announced the creation of a new retail media network, which it described as "an innovative platform for brands to engage with their customers in a personalized and ultra-targeted digital experience like never before. The key benefit, backed by insight and analytics, offers brands the ability to instantly connect with shoppers, contributing to purchase decisions in real time."

The platform, called Chesapeake Media Group, will focus on the company's Family Dollar brand, says it will provide "full-funnel solutions and closed-loop reporting. Key strategies include promoted items, category takeovers, brand experiences, premium advertisements and coupon placements, personalized videos, static interstitial advertisements, expandable rich media and standard banners, along with analytics that optimize performance to maximize results … With approximately 14 million users registered in the Family Dollar Smart Coupons program, nearly 7,900 Family Dollar stores across the U.S. and plans to open hundreds of new stores annually, the Company is focused on leveraging its assets to deliver great values for shoppers."

KC's View:

I may be wrong about this, but as I read all the press materials for this new retail media network, it strikes me that what Dollar Tree/Family Dollar really is interested in doing is delivering great values for brands and more money to its bottom line.

The question is whether shoppers will have a sense that their time and attention are being exploited.

I like the idea that retailers can leverage their various platforms to offer brands an opportunity to communicate with shoppers, but I do think they have to be careful not to go too far, lest their stores and platforms begin to resemble the hellscape from Blade Runner.