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More email about the vote against unionization at the Alabama Amazon warehouse.

One MNB reader wrote:

It sounds pretty simple to me. The warehouse workers were making more than the prevailing local wage and didn’t think the union could top it,  especially after dues deductions. Certainly the Covid induced surge in Amazon shipments had a negative effect. But , in the last analysis, you bring in a union to get you more, not less. 

Another MNB reader chimed in:

I keep wondering why everyone thinks that Amazon was able to use its clout and alternately intimidate and pull the wool over their employees eyes?  Maybe, just maybe the employees are smarter than the union, the politicians and the pundits and voted for what they think is best for them?

Turns out it doesn't matter as the union has decided that other forms of pressure against the evil giant(s) are the only way to save those poor laborers.  Self determination be darned!

Regarding Amazon's opening of new Amazon Fresh grocery stores, one MNB reader wrote:

It will be interesting to see how this plays out.  Amazon is a force and now they are taking direct aim at food retailers.  They are definitely positioning themselves for the next generation of shoppers.  Old school like myself will most likely not shop these stores with my flip phone. 

Responding to my video piece about the new Roche Bros. store outside Boston, one MNB reader wrote:

Nice to see you out and about, and you looked very happy doing it! 

My take is that it would behoove the national chains to take a hard, deep look at these formats, because this is the future. Except that it's here now! Kudos to Roche Bros.

I was very, very happy.