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CNBC reports that the locations of the first four Amazon Fresh grocery stores have been confirmed by the company - one in Washington, DC … one in Franconia, Virginia … one in Chevy Chase, Maryland … and one in the Warrington, Pennsylvania, suburb of Philadelphia.

Some context from CNBC:

"In September, Amazon opened its first Fresh grocery store in Los Angeles’ Woodland Hills neighborhood. It has since opened a handful of other locations throughout Southern California and in several suburbs of Chicago.

"Amazon’s Fresh stores look like a traditional supermarket, but also feature some high-tech touches, such as smart Dash Carts that let shoppers skip the checkout line, and voice-activated Echo Show displays. However, unlike Amazon-owned Whole Foods, Fresh stores are meant to appeal to a broader array of shoppers, by offering products at lower price points than the upscale grocer, as well as traditional staples including Coca-Cola drinks and Kellogg’s cereal. There’s also a dedicated store area for shoppers to pick up and return Prime packages.

"Amazon now has 11 Fresh stores in operation. Last month, Bloomberg identified at least 28 more Fresh locations that are in the works. The company is also testing its 'Just Walk Out' cashierless technology at a Fresh store in Illinois."

KC's View:

Just a guess here … for every Fresh store location that Amazon has announced or confirmed, there probably are a dozen or so that are on the drawing board.