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•  The Wall Street Journal writes this morning about the McDonald's franchises that are slowly but surely vanishing from Walmart locations around the country.

According to the story, "McDonald’s is closing hundreds of restaurants located in the largest U.S. retailer’s stores, the last vestiges of a roughly 30-year-old experiment between the companies. Around 150 McDonald’s stores will remain at U.S. Walmart locations after another wave of planned closures that are expected to finalize by this summer, according to the burger giant. At the peak of the partnership, there were roughly 1,000 McDonald’s restaurants inside Walmart stores."

For decades, the Journal writes, the two companies "enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship. The retailer delivered a steady stream of diners, and the eateries provided rental profits and a reason for shoppers to stick around stores."

But the Walmart locations have become less desirable as customers shifted to ordering online and opting for delivery or pickup, never entering the stores.  And Walmart - which long has depended on rental revenue from other retailers to nudge up its bottom line - "is working to find new models for its store restaurants, focusing more on meals to-go, delivery and joining with small regional chains that appeal to local shoppers."