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Raley's this week released what it is calling its first-ever Impact Report, looking to track and highlight initiatives designed to "positively impact their people, communities and planet" and support its "purpose of changing the way the world eats, one plate at a time."

Among the achievements:  "Opened the first Raley’s O-N-E Market, a unique shopping destination focused on wellness education and offering a highly curated assortment of products that meet high standards of health, nutrition and sustainability."  The company has indicated its intention to expand its use of the O-N-E format.

Other notes from the report:

•  "Continued outpacing the competition in sales of better-for-you items in categories such as clean label, grain free, non-GMO, keto, plant based, organic and nutrient dense."

•  "Responding to COVID-19:  Invested more than $60 million in enhanced safety protections … Hired and trained over 9,000 new team members … Provided more than $15 million to team members through appreciation pay and bonuses … Donated $200,000 to purchase devices and internet access to allow students in low-income districts to complete schoolwork at home."

•  "Community Investment:  Raised over $9 million, the equivalent of 6,482,118 meals, for 12 Feeding America aligned food banks through Raley’s Food For Families … Donated over $1 million in funds to causes and organizations to empower current and future generations to live healthier and happier lives."

•  "Sustainable and Responsible Operations:  Diverted over 70% of all waste companywide from landfills … Donated 4.8 million pounds of food via Raley’s food rescue program … Continued commitment to and focus on ethical supply chain practices."

KC's View:

I like it when companies want to change the world.  Why aim low when you can aim high?

The ways in which Raley's lays out its community commitments - more important than ever at a time when shoppers pay attention to values in addition to value - is impressive, and can be checked out in full here.