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FMI—The Food Industry Association is out with its 2021 Power of Produce report, which "finds produce department sales reached $69.6 billion in 2020 - an 11.4% increase … shoppers are purchasing more produce than pre-COVID-19 pandemic with shoppers buying more fresh fruit (+8.9%) and more vegetables (+14.2%)."

Some trends identified by the report:

"During the COVID-19 pandemic, 44% of grocery shoppers say they are putting more effort into healthful eating. In fact, 71% of grocery shoppers say nutrition and health is a primary or important reason for purchasing fruits and vegetables."

"More than three-out-of-four shoppers (78%) have changed their meal preparation with fruits and vegetables, including trying different kinds, using new spices and sauces or testing new preparation methods. Half of shoppers are integrating fruits and vegetables into their meal plans somewhat or at lot more often."

"The share of shoppers who purchase value-added produce — pre-washed or cut—increased from 31% in 2019 to 37% in 2020. Three-out –of-10 shoppers believe they will purchase more value-added produce in the upcoming year—the highest share in four years."